Equipment workhorse; Canon T6i

While not as up to date as the latest generation of cameras, I have to admit that I love my Canon T6i (750D outside North America). It may be an older model, but it is a workhorse.

I’ve used it to shoot everything from school events to rodeo. It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s cold weather, warm weather, or somewhere in between, the camera has always functioned when I’ve needed it to.

The T6i is a DSLR, which stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex, camera which boasts a 24 megapixel crop-sensor, which allows for great colour capture, and now that I’m learning how to use the camera to it’s full potential, I’m managing to capture some nice, sharp images, even in lower light.

I definitely want to upgrade to a full-frame camera at some point down the road, but for an entry-level camera the T6i will keep me going for awhile.

When I’m doing larger events, or events where I will have to switch lenses regularly, I carry a second Canon body with me. My secondary camera is also an older camera, an XSi. It’s a a crop-sensor DSLR, however it’s sensor is 12.2 MP, which is good enough for a backup body.

As far as lenses go, I have three, each of which I use regularly.

I have the 18mm-55mm kit lens for both cameras, as well as a 75mm-300mm for each. For my T6i, I also have a 50mm prime lens, with a wide open aperture of 1.8. This last lens is great for portrait photography, or general shooting where I don’t need to adjust focal length quickly.

Also in my bag is a Canon Speedlite flash for when I’m doing portrait work. The highly adjustable flash allows me to adjust the light level up or down as required, so I can always perfectly light a scene. The adjustable head is fantastic to be able to ‘bounce’ the light off of nearby walls, providing a more diffused light falling on my subjects.

I’ve definitely learned a lot over the last few months shooting with this equipment, and I’m at the point of being able to get nice crisp shots with either camera.

For day-to-day shooting I usually keep my T6i in my camera bag close at hand. The XSi I will bring with me if I know I will be doing lots of shooting or if I will need to bounce between long and short focal lengths.


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