You live, you learn…

As busy as today was, I still managed to find some downtime.

I was up early, and had the plumber stop in to check on a couple of things that we need to get dealt, then off to the lodge to do a photo shoot for the church members who live up there.

It was a good experience, even if things did die down about 45-minutes earlier than intended.

After I finished up at the lodge, I headed up, did some cleaning in the kitchen, and did some reading while listening to music. It was nice to find that downtime amidst being busy.

I was going to go into the county today and do some picture taking, just to do some “fun” photography, but with the heavy cloud we had for most of the day impacting the light, I decided to save that adventure for another day.

This evening, I made a pasta and meat sauce supper for Lynn and I, and we watched an episode of Law & Order: SVU before I had to head out the door to our town council meeting.

With everything I’ve had going on of late, I’m definitely starting to feel the fatigue catching up to me. At least the end of this burst is in sight. I just have to keep moving a bit longer, before I can have some proper time off, at which point, I know myself, I’ll be bored to tears by noon….

With the photos I’ve been taking for the church, I’m definitely getting happier with the quality as I progress; however, looking back through the photos, I’ve definitely forgotten SCUFI, which is something I’m going to need to rectify. SCUFI stands for Shoot Close Up For Impact, and looking at my photos vs some others I can definitely see a huge. I need to get closer.

You live, you learn. Everyday I’m out shooting is another day that my photographs are getting better, and I am getting more skilled at my craft. I’m loving the photography, and it really feels like it’s been having a grounding effect on me.

As for other skills, I received my marks back for my last assignment: the process essay. I’m quite pleased with the 90 per cent on this particular paper, even if it was disheartening to notice that most of the points I lost came down to the damn comma, either putting them where unneeded or or not putting them when the opposite was true. I think I’m going to have to spin out an a couple hours and start reviewing those rules again.

Tomorrow is another busy day. I’m up and out early, taking a photo for the paper at 0930, then I have to be in Hanna for 1045, where I’m presenting at 11. Then after lunch I’m back to Castor, taking photos at the church for a couple hours, followed by a Christmas banquet.

I enjoy the being busy, but I’m also not a fool. I know I can’t keep this pace up indefinitely. The self-care when I can is nice, but I’m actually going to need to do some active self-care, outside the bits of video gaming. Just another few days.


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