Road Trip

I don’t mind mornings, I just wish they would happen later in the day…

This morning was an early one. Lynn, her mom, and I were up and out the door early so we could get Lynn to her appointment in Red Deer for 7:45 a.m. In order for us to be there at that awful hour, I was up at 5:20, followed shortly after by Lynn’s mom, and then Lynn.

On the road by 6:00, I was surprised at the amount of traffic on the road at that hour headed towards Castor. As for people leaving town, I had no tail lights in front of me or headlights behind me…

We made it to Red Deer Hospital just in time for Lynn to get admitted, then after we made sure she was in good hands her mom and I went off in search of breakfast. We ended up going to a restaurant I have been to regularly over the years, and I have to say they have missed a step since I was in there last. I found my breakfast to be a little on the greasy side, and the staff just seemed haried. However, it filled the void, and we were soon on the move again.

Seeing as Lynn would not be ready for pick up until after 1 p.m, her mom and I did some running around. I ended up stopping in at EB Games and picking up a copy of the just released “The Outer Worlds.” I rarely spend the money on new release titles, however between a bit of padding I have in my account and some excellent reviews, I decided to treat myself. I haven’t had a chance to play it too much yet, but from the first 30 or so minutes I’ve played it hasn’t disappointed. With some of the humour in the game, even Lynn was getting into it.

We stopped off at Chapters and had a wander, and finally ended up at the camera store, where I picked up a lens hood for my camera. It was a decent price, and a purchase I’ve been wanting to make for some time.

We picked Lynn up just after 1 p.m, got her some food and then hit the road home. As we were leaving a wind-storm blew up, and the drive home was nowhere near as pleasant as the drive into the city. We made it home just before 4, using a bit more fuel on the way home than the way there because of the damn wind.

It’s continued to rock the prairies, through the evening, causing damage in our town and through the surrounding communities. Needless to say it’s freaked the dogs out.

This evening I’ve been catching up on some work, blog post, and doing some studying. Tomorrow is going to be busy, taking photo’s at a volleyball tournament at the school, our town’s fall rummage sale, the fire department haunted house and the Halloween dance. As well, with Lynn being out of commission for a couple days to recover from her biopsy, I’m covering the store tomorrow as well, just ducking out for a bit to take my photos.

After the day today, I’m tired. It’s been a long. Mentally, I’m feeling okay though. It’s been a long couple of days, but I am feeling okay with things. Looking forward to some downtime on Sunday and Monday though.


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