Keeping busy

Today has been a busy one.

I was up and out the door early as I was speaking at a Headstrong Mental Health Summit in Stettler. It was my first time ever speaking about my mental health in this kind of public forum. It was nerve wracking, but I made it through, and the organizers said they will be getting in touch with me about some future speaking opportunities. I had to admit, after everything was said and done, I had a good time and managed to shed some light on the topic.

Otherwise, I got my second assignment back from my TA in my university course, and I did better than on my first assignment, this time garnering an 88 per cent. That mark was a definite boost to my confidence, and after the last couple of weeks, it was much needed.

Tomorrow has the potential to be another long day, with Lynn, her mom, and I having to be out the door by 615 in the morning, so we can get Lynn to her 8 a.m. biopsy appointment in Red Deer. Some days I rise and shine….I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be more of the caffeinate and hope for the best variety.

I’m praying that the biopsy comes back with something that can guide Lynn’s specialist in her ongoing care.


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