After facing some significant mental health challenges over the last few days, I spoke to my doctor, and was admitted to hospital again.

The fatigue, the racing thoughts, and the suicidal ideation were all proving to be too much. After seeing the doctor on Thursday last week, and laying low for the weekend, when I saw the doc on Monday morning, things had not improved significantly.

It’s good news, bad news though.

The bad news is I’m back here for a couple weeks. I’m exhausted. I’m mentally drained. I definitely need the extra support.

The good news, I’m still at the point in school that this break will be a minor hiccup. Work is being extremely supportive as well.

And even better news is Dr. M, my old doctor here at the mental health centre, who left a-year-and-a-half ago,is back permanently, and overseeing my care. Which means I don’t have to start from scratch. It means that the plan that we have worked out over my previous admissions under his care can be used again, because that plan works. Finally, it means that he is going to institute his long suggested plan of bringing me into hospital on a pre-emptive, scheduled, basis, to ensure that things do not get to the level they did before I come in.

I know I have been here before, and I will bounce through this dip. it will just take some time.

These ups and downs are getting old, but they are what they are. I know I’m getting better at dealing with the ride.


One response to “Challenges”

  1. Sounds positive,keep up the good work!👍🙏🙏🙏😘


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