Forward motion

Today was steady, if not overly busy.

I was a little mad at myself for sleeping in more than I wanted to, but if I needed the rest, who am I to argue with my body? When I finally dragged my butt out bed around 8 got up and headed into my office to continue working on my assignment for school.

After chewing through a couple days of brain vapour-lock every time I went to write, this morning the words started flowing, and I made a definite dent in the assignment. That being said, I am glad that this assignment is a complete/incomplete, with the usual marking components, because that will give me an idea of where I need to make corrections for university level writing going forward.

I know my writing is strong, I just need to find some more confidence in myself, and relax. The workouts I’ve been doing have been helping, but both my doctor and the kinesiologist I see told me I need a few massage sessions to get the tension out of my muscles. Getting those arranged will be on my schedule for next week.

As for next week, I’m hoping I can get my car in to get the window fixed finally. With how hot it’s been the tape holding the window up has started letting go. It’s definitely getting annoying.

Mentally, I haven’t been in a good place today. I woke up to dog mess in the basement again. I’m getting really tired of having to clean up after them nearly every single morning. These butt heads need to remember how to go to the bathroom outside….Needless to say that started me off on the wrong foot this morning and had me grumpy for most of the day.

Oh well, by this evening I started perking up. Lynn made a yummy supper for us, so that was one thing of my plate, and she walked the dogs with me after supper. I’m hoping that if we begin walking the idiots every night they will quit using my workout area as a bathroom. Fingers crossed.

Despite the mood fluctuations due to the dogs being morons, I think I’m doing okay. The hiccup I had with my first assignment had me a bit stressed, but I’m working through it. Mentally I’m better than I’ve been in years. Professionally I continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Physically, according to the kinesiologist today I’m doing well as well. I gained two pounds of weight since my last body scan, but according to the machine it was two pounds of muscle. Unfortunately that means that I haven’t lost any more fat, but hey, I can’t be greedy. It just gives me something to continue working towards.


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