Road trip

Today was busy.

I took Lynn to Red Deer to see her liver specialist, and stopped to run another couple of errands, at McBain Camera, and at Chapters.

I will write more about Lynn’s appointment when I get the go ahead from her to do so.

At McBain, I looked picked up a view-finder cushion for my Canon T6i, and looked for a universal docking plate for a tripod I was gifted. Unfortunately it did not come with this essential part, and the unit is useless without it. Unfortunately, looking online the part is virtually impossible to find, so I guess the tripod is going out in the garbage. It’s unfortunate, it is a good quality tripod, but totally unusable. I definitely appreciate the gesture from the friend who gifted to me.

At Chapters Lynn and I stopped for Star Bucks, and I picked up the latest issue of PhotoPlus, the Canon magazine published over in the U.K. I have gotten enough hints and tips from it that I am seriously contemplating a subscription, as long as there is a decent savings off the cover price.

After we got back home, Lynn and I had some down time before she headed out to bingo tonight, where she was working the concession. I managed to get a workout in tonight after she left, and I am feeling spectacular afterward. I did just under a mile-and-a-half, as well as my full weight and stretching routine. It’s been slow and painful, but I am slowly getting back into my groove.

I have renamed the photography section of my blog-site to Photography portfolio, and have ten photos on there so far. I think I will keep it around 10 to 12 photos, but will keep it as a highlight, and switch them around more frequently.

Tomorrow, I’m covering the store while Lynn as at our local community Farmers Market, then I have a doctors appointment in the afternoon. It’s been a couple months, and I just need to go in for prescription, and generally just to touch base.

Seeing as I’m in the store tomorrow, I think my assignment will be sitting for one more day, though I may try to work on it while I’m at there. Then again, I might not. Either way, I will be hitting it hard on Friday after my kinesiologist appointment.


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