Coming back

Today was a relatively quiet, but full day nonetheless.

I ended up spending the bulk of my day in the office today. I reorganized my work space, then polished off a couple of work projects before lunch.

After lunch I did a workout, then back into the office again for another couple of hours, doing some more prep work for school, and some reading up on my photography.

This evening Lynn and I were invited over to B’s place for supper and games along with another couple.

Tomorrow is going to be more or less the same, except maybe with some gaming mixed in.

It may not seem like much but I’m happy I got my space cleaned up and reorganized a bit. I now have a separate filing cabinet for all my work documents, and by utilizing another stand I found downstairs I can have all the books I reference regularly organized, together, and within arms reach of my desk.

Mentally, I’m feeling good. I know I’ve been through hell, but I’m starting to come out through the other side. I’m actually feeling, gasp, stable.

It’s been a hard fought victory, but it’s been a battle I won, not the war. I know that trials and tribulations wait ahead, especially as I stand in the doorway to life’s next chapter. At least I’m here to write it.

Physically I’m feeling pretty good too, but I’m going to have to watch my shoulder. It’s been tolerating the workouts reasonably well, and it is strengthening, but It’s also feeling like I may have re-tweaked it. Either that or the cortisone shot I had back in January is wearing off.

I have a doctors appointment coming up in a few days, and I will definitely be following up on it, amongst other things. If the shoulder keeps getting worse, I may have no choice but to go for another shot, but I am really hoping I can avoid that. That was not exactly my idea of fun the first time around.

I have appointments with M and H coming in a few days as well. I hate seeing them both in the same week, but with summer, etc, it’s just how things fell. The scary thing is that by the time I see the both of them again it will have been the longest stretch between therapy appointments that I’ve had in years.

The last time I saw M was in the beginning of July, and the last time I saw H was beginning of August. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. Nor can I believe that I’ve begun to bounce back the way I have after my slip at the end of July and beginning in August.

The biggest thing that sucks is that I am feeling everyday of the nearly three weeks I was away from my workout regime. It’s coming back, but it’s a bitch going back over ground I already covered. I’m just happy that I found the self-discipline to get it going again, even if it’s not going quite as hard as I was before the crash.

It will come back in time, and I’m hoping that the shoulder will come with it.

Thanks for following along,


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