Recovery Day

Today wasn’t a busy day, but I definitely wasn’t bored.

I spent some time this morning catching up on some work from last week, then met M for lunch. He is a former journalist who has moved into public administration, and I have definitely learned a few things from since he came to the area.

After lunch I headed home and got some requested paperwork together for WCB, and then hit the treadmill. I ended up doing just under a mile and a half at a pretty good pace. After the treadmill I did my weights and stretching routine.

My body is definitely adjusting well to the alternating weights/cardio routine. My endurance is slowly picking up, as is my strength. When I ended up falling off my routine at the end of July I was comfortably doing 12 rep sets, however when I got myself back into my routine just under a week ago my muscles were protesting by the time I hit 10. Today was third workout back at it and I’ve already picked back up to 12. I know two reps doesn’t sound like a lot, but they definitely add up.

After my workout I grabbed a shower, then settled in for an hour of COD: Modern Warfare remastered before making supper.

All in all it was a nice, light day, definitely allowing me to recharge after the hectic ness of last week. I’m already feeling the better for it.

Tomorrow looks like it will a much similar day to today, more catch up, more fitness, and more recharging.


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