running hard

Today was good, albeit busy.

I had intended to get up at 0600 to get a workout in and get some work done to catch up from the last couple of days. My brain thought it was a great idea, my body was totally unwilling….

As a result I got a late start, making it to my first appointment of the day, the oil change for the car, with two minutes to spare.

After I finished with that I headed home, got my gear and headed down to the bookstore to do an interview, get some work done, and have lunch with Lynn.

After lunch I headed home, took some downtime and played some COD:Infinite Warfare, then headed down to the workout studio and put in a mile and a half on the treadmill and my weight routine.

I’ve definitely lost a step, it was my first weight workout in over a week and I felt every minute of it. I need to get back into the routine of doing weights every other day plus my treadmill time. I felt so much better while I was doing it.

After the workout I was in the office taking on the onerous task of sorting through the last couple days worth of photos.

When it was time to pause work again I started cleaning up the kitchen and making supper before heading out the door to the final night of the vacation bible school, where I was helping out.

Tomorrow I only have one thing on my agenda, so it will be mainly another day of catch-up and rest, before things go nuts on Saturday again.

On the bright side, next week is looking pretty light and should give me an opportunity to recharge and get ready for the start of school, as well as get some paperwork done.

I’m still feeling tired after the last few days, but I’m feeling accomplished as well. I just need to breathe, rest, and ride it out. I know that I’m in a better position today than I was in a year or two ago. I’m stronger, more resilient. I’m actually looking forward to what comes down the pike next.


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