Writing Prompt: Stopping the war

I didn’t know what to do, I just knew it needed to stop.

Grave after grave after grave.

I got tired of burying my friends.

The past few months have been particularly harsh, losing thousands of fighters to the alien horde.

I should start at the beginning.

My name is James Ryan, and I am a human survivor. The year is 2072.

Back in the 20’s true artificial intelligence became real, allowing our technology to grow at a pace never seen before in human history. By the end of the 30’s faster than light travel was on the cusp of becoming reality.

Unfortunately, the extra technology increased the strain on our earth. People began living longer, further taking up valuable resources. We looked to the stars as our salvation.

First contact was made with the Altarens in 2044. The helped us refine our technology by allowing us to infuse ours with theirs. In hindsight we should have been wary at how easily they gave up their technology to us, because by the end of the 60’s we had it fully integrated with ours. We were dependant on it.

In 2070 they used the technology we had become dependant on to stop us in our tracks. The artificial intelligence turned on us, and the Altarens began flooding our solar system with their eyes set on earth.

First our base in orbit around Jupiter was destroyed. Then the moon base that had been set up as an early warning base with our Altaren friends fell at their hands.

On earth, the people who weren’t immediately killed were rounded up and put into concentration camps, ready to be shipped off world and sold as slaves across the galaxy.

However, the tighter the Altaren grip on earth, the more of us slipped through their fingers. A resistance grew, first numbering in the millions, however in the last 18 months attrition began wearing on us, and now there are less than 10,000 of us left free across the globe, fighting for our freedom. Fighting for our species very survival.

Relying on pre-Altaren integration technology, and a cache of mid 20’s weaponry, we strike from our hidden mountain bunker located in the heart of North America, and from others hidden around the globe.

Our scientists have been working on nullifying the Altaren technology, but it seems like whenever they seem poised to make a breakthrough their technology changes. We continue this fight everyday to throw off the yoke of tyranny and fight for the survival of our species. I know that my part in this fight will end in one of two ways, death beside my fallen comrades, or the defeat of the altar people and the rescuing of our species from a life of slavery.

To that end, we need to finish this war. We need to stop these alien bastards in their tracks. That’s why a small squad and I are going on raid to capture a high ranking Altaren, to find out how they keep finding out about our technological breakthroughs, and see if we can find the traitor in our midst. If we survive, we will be one step closer to ending this war. If we fail, the next grave to be dug shall be mine.


One response to “Writing Prompt: Stopping the war”

  1. Hey Kevin. Finally finished your short story. Enjoyed it slot. Hopefully you can continue the story in the future.👏👏


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