Finding self-discipline

Self discipline has never been my strong point.

Pushing myself to do anything has always been a challenge, especially where it comes to fitness.

The fact that I’m six months into my fitness regime and still going strong is nigh on amazing.

The thing is it’s paying off.

Today was a strength training day, and as part of my strength training, I do a sprint interval workout on the treadmill.

When I started this process back in January, I was lucky if I complete a mile in 26 minutes. Today I finished my warmup mile in 19 and a half minutes. That’s a gain of a minute a month for my pacing.

The fact that I was able to do this is proof that my fitness plan is working.

Because of my improved health, my moods have been more stable as well.

I’m feeling better about more aspects of my life.

The thing is, I can pat myself on the back all I want, it doesn’t change the fact that this isn’t over. I still have hard work in front of me.

My mental health is at a point where it is more manageable, but it’s something I have to be aware of everyday of my life. It wasn’t so long ago that I was in hospital.

The thing is, even with my last hospital stay, I’m growing resilience. I’m able to better weather the storms that come my way.

It doesn’t mean I’m cured. It doesn’t mean I’m all better.

It means that I’m at least as strong as the illness, that I won’t let it break me.

However, if I quit doing what I’m doing, it’s very conceivable that everything I have built will fall like a house of cards, leaving me to rebuild yet again.

I don’t want to rebuild. I want to keep what I have and continue to grow.

If that means getting up early and spending time exercising, it’s something I have to do, whether I want to or not. I’m just glad that the fitness has become such a part of my everyday activities that I feel like hell when I don’t do it.

I’ve grown considerably over the last six months. I can’t wait to see what the next six months bring.


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