Finding confidence

Something that is inherent in people is the wanting or need to conform and go with the flow.

Starting at a young age, those who are different, loud, and not the norm are singled out, and face bullies, or even harassment from teachers. We are taught to get along, and follow the path of least resistance.

I was listening to a motivational video on youtube, and the speaker said something along the lines of everyday offering options that spread out like a river delta, with each decision offering the potential path of least resistance. As I’ve already stated, it’s human nature to find the path of least resistance.

I’ve started realizing that those who want success buck the current and head up stream, and lately, when I’ve been finding myself wanting to take the easy way, it’s something I’ve been reminding myself of. Instead of just a straight out and back walk with the dogs, I’ll push myself and extend the route, even if I just want to get home.

The same thing goes for getting up the morning. My alarm goes off at 7, and most days I am up by quarter after. Seven is early enough, and my body resists. Quite a few mornings have turned into mind over matter situations, where I have to remind myself that I set the alarm for a reason, and it wasn’t to lounge in bed.

I’m not always successful, but I think I am more often than not. That success is spilling over into other aspects of my life. My moods are more stable than they have been in I don’t know how long. My endurance is picking up on my treadmill sessions. I’m feeling more grounded, and I’ve finally smashed through that window that was holding me at 250 lbs. I’ve actually dropped to 247, and have been able to remain there consistently for the past few days.

All of these things have been helping me find confidence, something that I’ve lost for far too long.


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