holding steady

The last couple of days have brought some change into my world.

Most notably, my new MacBook showed up yesterday, and I have spent the better part of the last couple days transferring information over from my old computer. Unfortunately the migration software that is supposed to help ease the transition wouldn’t work so I’m doing things the hard way, by way of external hard drive.

Aside from the odd quirk that I have to get used to I am liking the new computer. It’s a hell of a lot more stable and faster than my old Acer. I’m honestly wondering why I didn’t bite the bullet and get into a Mac sooner.

Lynn and I had a date night last night, something which we haven’t had a chance to do in awhile with everything that’s gone on. We went for supper, which was mediocre, and then met my buddy C at the movie theatre where we watched Avengers:End Game.

I will write a blog with a separate review, but for the time being all I can say is wow. It truly did a fantastic job of bringing the last decade-plus of MCU films to a worthy and appropriate close.

Today has been a quiet day. I took some pictures at the Teddy Bear picnic that our local FCSS hosted, and other than that I’ve been doing some writing, continuing to transfer things over and customize the new system, and generally breathe. It’s kind of nice being able to unwind a bit, with how hectic things have been over the last several months.

I’m still bummed that I can’t make my getaway work out at this time, but I know I will get out for one when I can and when the timing is write. As is I’m happy to be having somewhat of a stay-cation today and tomorrow, before I jump back into the fray on Friday.


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