Working hard

Today has been quiet in the store, but it’s given me opportunity to catch up on some writing.

I managed to get a couple of articles written from a meeting earlier in the week, as well as making some come calls and arrangements about other projects I’m working on.

I’m definitely feeling better than I was a few days ago. Damn that sucked. But it’s the nature of the beast. At least this mental spazz was of relatively short duration, and no exterior support was needed.

Going into the rest of the week, I have a meeting tomorrow, an appointment tomorrow afternoon, then an all day trip with Lynn and her mom on Friday, as well as writing where I can find the time.

My days have not been full, but they haven’t been empty either. I think I am close to find the magic spot on my busy scale. Right now, I’m busy, but not overwhelmed. I’m productive, but it’s not overwhelming.

To be honest I’m ok with the spot I’m in. I can’t remember the last time I said that.

Then again, with the weather continuing to get warmer and the sun shining, I find it easier to be relaxed, and this relaxation is helping me all around.

My routine seems to be working, and paying off in spades. My routine is something I have to work at everyday though.

  • I know I need my sleep, so I’m in bed by 10 regularly.
  • I know that exercise helps my moods, so I have to make sure I get it in.
  • My meds keep me balanced; I can’t forget to take them.
  • I know I need to make time for myself to relax, I can’t push myself to the breaking point and keep myself there like I once did in my younger days.
  • Regular therapy keeps me grounded. I need to keep those appointments.

Yeah, I’m doing a lot better, but it is a hell of a lot of work to maintain.


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