Today was definitely a better day.

It was less busy yet more productive. I got some work done. I felt like I actually got rest last night. My energy level was back up to the point where I even managed to get onto the treadmill for a two-mile hike at a fairly nice pace. All in all, things today were coming together.

I know I still need to process. The past few days I was getting much closer to the edge of the abyss again. I again find it amazing how much my rest affects my mental health, and how much better I feel when I am actually rested.

Whether I am maintaining at the moment or not, I need to deal with my emotions surrounding the loss of Brenda. If I don’t give myself an opportunity to decompress I know I’ll have the opportunity anyways, not by own choosing, and I would really rather avoid hospital again, seeing as I was just in there a few weeks ago.

Tomorrow is another steady day.


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