Home again.

After eight and a half hours behind the wheel I am home.

I’m home, but totally drained. The emotionally charged weekend for Brenda’s burial and the drive out there and back saw to that.

The bright side is I did get to spend some time with my parents. That is something that happens infrequently enough, and I definitely cherish the time we have together. They are currently sitting in Calgary waiting to catch their connecting flight home tonight.

The drive today was long, especially with no passenger, but I had the tunes cranked and the window down and enjoyed it as much as I could. I didn’t end up doing much in the way of stopping today like I had planned. I only actually stopped four times, twice for fuel, and twice for snacks.

Now that I’m home, things should start getting back to relative normal. I’m on the job tomorrow, then Thursday I’m running errands. I pick the dogs up on Thursday as well.

As much as I miss the three of them, I’m glad for a couple nights of peace without them. It sounds like they are having a blast at the kennel anyways.


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