Moving into another phase of grief.

Today was a long frigging day.

That’s what happens when you spend nine hours on the road. We left Castor at 10 a.m. enroute to Saskatchewan for Brenda’s burial on Sunday.

I can’t believe that three-and-a-half months have passed by so quickly since her sudden and tragic loss. Sunday is going to be rough, but I’m hoping it will give all of us a sense of closure that will help us carry on.

I’m only here for a quick trip as I have work commitments next week, but Lynn will be out here for awhile helping her mom run a three day garage sale to sell off everything that Lynn and her mom aren’t wanting to keep.

I’m looking forward to seeing my folks tomorrow though. They are flying out for the burial as well. I am awestruck and grateful that they flying out for this. I know it means a lot Lynn and her mom. It means a lot to me as well that they are willing to do this for my extended family.

Lynn and I had a good chat on our way out. After things are said and done, I think I am going to take a road trip for a few days. Not sure where to you, but just a time away to decompress for a bit before I get ramped up into my busy season over the summer and starting school in the fall.

Despite the fatigue, I am feeling better mentally than I have in a few days. I had a bit of a rough patch, but I made it through unscathed. It was just that, a rough patch. I’m getting better at being able to discern the rough patches as opposed to when I go totally off the rails. I’m thankful that I am developing this skill.

It will definitely help me over the next few days as we move into another stage of grieving. Thanks for following along.


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