Wallpapering fog…

Well, today did not go as planned…

I let my bedtime routine get messed up last night, and as a result I forgot my meds. As a result I did not sleep worth crap. I finally realised my error around 3 a.m. After some prompting from Lynn I took them then headed back to bed around 4 a.m.

I did not get up to much today. I slept late, then just attempted to work my way through the fog permeating my brain. Trying to think coherently today has been sort of like trying to wallpaper fog. It just hasn’t been happening.

What really is blowing my mind is how much one messed up night of sleep is affecting me. My moods have been all over the map today. At least I know why they were messed.

I did manage to get some things accomplished today though, so I can’t discount that. After a few cups of coffee, I woke up enough to run to Stettler and pick up meds for Lynn from the pharmacy we use, then a quick stop at Walmart, a loop up to Forestberg for tick medication for the dogs, a stop in Alliance for pet food, then finally home again. Tonight has been quiet, watching TV with Lynn, and heading to bed soon.

Tomorrow I have a few things on the go, but I’m going to wait and see how I sleep tonight before I plan for anything tomorrow. If I’m as growly and moody tomorrow as I was today, tomorrow may be another quiet day. I have to get my moods and sleep stable again before we head to Saskatchewan Friday.


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