Getting back on track.

Somewhat quiet day today.

Church this morning, then instead of going out for lunch Lynn and I grabbed some sandwich materials and had a quiet lunch at home. This afternoon Lynn napped and I played RDR2 and actually got myself downstairs for a workout.

Between being fatigued and busy I have not managed to find much in the way of time to get downstairs and get my workouts in, and I’m definitely feeling it. The more time I am away from them, the more tired I get and the more grumpy I get. I hate how letting myself get away from the workouts causes me to spiral even faster, but it is what I deal with. I’m glad I got back into it today, because it definitely lifted my mood.

On the plus side of the column, even without doing my focused workouts I have been hitting my 10,000 step count on most days. I know this week is going to be a challenge because we are going away, but the goal is to get back into my treadmill routine everyday, and strength training again on other days.

I know I’ve faltered a bit in the last few days, but I’m whats done is done, and all I can do is get back on track before any more time passes me by.

This evening J came into town, and joined Lynn and I for a mothers day supper at one of our local restaurants. It was a pricey evening out, but damn if it wasn’t good food.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with M on deck, along with a phone call to someone about a story I am working on, then a meeting tomorrow evening. In between, I’m working on a few days worth of photos that need to get sorted and submitted, and a couple of stories I need to get written before Lynn and I head to Saskatchewan later on this week.


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