Mental toughness

Today was a busy one.

I was at the Castor hall for the majority of the day covering the health and wellness symposium that volunteers in our community put on. It featured a trade-type show that focused on health and wellness services available in our community. I have to say, there are quite a few.

After the trade-show, there was a lunch made entirely of locally/regionally grown meat and produce. The cream of mushroom soup had to have been the best I have ever had.

The keynote speaker was amazing. She was a former Calgary undercover officer and she spoke on mental toughness. She was an amazing presenter. She was full of energy and spoke a lot about visualization and ways to give yourself a burst of energy and maximise your capabilities when under stress. I know I’m not doing her talk justice, but it was amazing to say the least.

After the symposium wrapped, I went into the bookstore to help Lynn for a couple hours. We had a few other people meet us at the store, and we emptied off a couple shelves and moved things around. It looks totally different in there now, and the entire space feels way more open.

This evening, we went for supper and then walked the dogs. Tonight is low key, and tomorrow I start writing things up after a trip to Stettler for a case for my phone and to drop off and pick up some other things.


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