Making a life worth living…

So much for getting back into my workout routine today….

I woke up this morning, and my foot frigging hurt. Back to Advil and wrapping it I go. Oh well, it could be worse. I just need to be careful I don’t push it and prolong the injury.

Today has been quiet. Lynn is in the home stretch of the 2019 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, and she should be home tomorrow.

I got up, took the dogs for a walk and decided that I was going to hibernate today. I didn’t end up going to church. I kicked back, played some PS4, got some laundry going, and did some tidying in my office.

I’ll probably go back to the PS4 this afternoon. I’m in the final stages of the RDR2 Epilogue. I still can’t believe how in depth and elaborate the world is. It’s absolutely incredible. I love the fact that it has some replay value as well, to try and get to 100 per cent completion.

I am really working to take today as a me day, and get back to work tomorrow, as I know I need to take a day to recharge. My plan this week is to have both Sunday and Thursday as days off just so I can avoid burning myself out again.

Aside from the foot bugging, I am feeling pretty good. The shoulder isn’t bugging me much these days, and I have transitioned to doing some actual weights with the arm, and not just stretching. It seems to be tolerating the extra stress well.

Mood wise, I’m stable. A little bummed about the foot knocking me off my game, but overall I’ve been in a good mood. The stress of the last week was a perfect level for me to function in short time, though I know long-term it could have been my undoing.

I do feel some anxiety about the future, because I have set things into motion that will be good for my future. I’m also feeling a surprising level of contentment with my current and future plans. I like where I am at the moment.

I may not be where I thought I would be at this point in my life, but I have managed to create a life worth living none-the less. I love my community, I love my wife, I love my job. I still struggle, that hasn’t changed, but my level of contentment makes the turbulent times easier to handle when they occur, and they do occur though with much less frequency than they used to.


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