Hit a speedbump

My workouts are taking a hiatus for a few days.

While I was walking the dogs before leaving for the movie last night I succeeded in rolling my left ankle. I was able to finish the walk, but by the time the movie was over I was somewhat stiff and sore. Icing it, wrapping it, and anti-inflammatories definitely helped, but it’s still sore to walk on .

It could have been significantly worse though. I could have broken something. I could have lost the dogs when this happened. None of the above happened. I’m 90 per cent sure it’s a mid level sprain. If I look after it properly, it won’t be an issue. Just don’t expect me to move very far or very fast for the next few days.

The injury just goes to show that bad things can happen, quickly. Like when broke her ankle, this injury occurred in a second, and it’s changed the trajectory of my weekend. It’s not good. It’s not bad either. It just is. I just need to play the cards I’m dealt, not the ones I wish I had.

On the bright side, it will leave me plenty of opportunity to catch up on my backlog of stories I need to chew through over the next few days.

It sounds like Lynn’s day 1 of expo was good. She went to a few panels and already did some shopping. Expo starts with earnest today at 10ish and runs through to Sunday at 5 in Calgary. I’m glad she’s having a good time, and spending time with friends.

For me, today I’m working on stories, covering a major event this afternoon, and more or less taking it easy while I let the ankle heal. Tomorrow I’m volunteering at the bookstore for Lynn.

The entire ankle injury sucks, but it’s a speedbump. It’s slowing me down, but as long as I don’t push it, it will heal quickly and I can resume things again. Thanks for following along,


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