Happy Easter!

From my family to yours, I wish you a happy Easter.

Aside from being a bit stiff and sore today for some reason, today has been a good day.

We had our Easter Sunday service at church, and then continued the fellowship with a group of church friends at one of the local restaurants.

This afternoon I stopped by the duck pond with the camera, and managed a few good shots of the geese playing in the pond. I came accross what I thought was a dead goose, as it was flaked right out on the ground, but as I approached it, it’s head began lifting. Unfortunately I was not quick enough to get the camera on it, but it was the neatest thing.

Otherwise, today has been relatively low key. I’ve taken Taffy and Rolo out for a couple of walks, and went through about 3000 e-mails (not exaggerating) to clean up my professional inbox as I keep getting limit warnings. Tonight we are having Easter supper with J joining us for supper.

Tomorrow my plan is to start getting myself back into a somewhat more regular schedule of sleep and exercise after it fell by the wayside for a few days.

Easter blessings on yours, and thanks for following along,


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