Working on my photography

Today was steady, if not overly busy.

Ran a couple errands for the bookstore, checked out the town rummage sale, and managed to scoop up a couple of good deals, met a friend for lunch, then back to the rummage sale.

I managed to get a good workout in this afternoon, finally incorporating the third stage of the shoulder rehab workout I received from physio last summer. I ended up doing a mile and a quarter on the treadmill then the weight routine. I felt pretty good by the time I was done.

I managed to get some photography done today as well. On my way home from the rummage sale I saw some geese playing in a pond near my home, and managed to get some photos.

One of two geese playing in a pond near my home in Castor, April 13, 2019.

Two geese playing on the side of the road near a pond near my home in Castor on April 13,2019.

Even with the activity of today I managed to get some down time. I managed to get some time in on Red Dead 2. I am definitely getting towards the climax of the story, the story keeps on trucking along and I have to pull myself away. I stand by my review of the game, it is definitely the best game I’ve ever played. I’m going to be sad when I finally finish it.

Tomorrow we have church, lunch, and date night on the books.

Thanks for following along,


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