Finding energy…

Today has been a fairly steady day.

I was up early this morning, just after 6, copying the habit I picked up in Hospital. Considering we were out with friends last night and I didn’t get to bed until 11, it was a bit of chore, but I got up when I naturally woke up.

I had some breakfast, and played a couple hours of playstation before moving into the office to catch up on things.

I finished off a piece I was working on for the paper, entered several poems into my blog to post later in the week, and finished off the first pass of my presentation that I am submitting to the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Headstrong program. It’s one more step in the process of becoming a speaker with them.

I made Lynn and I a brunch of eggs and toast before she had to head down to the bookstore for the day, then I cleaned the interior of the car from the winter build up of filth, finished off and submitted the photo’s to go along with the story before I hit the road for the afternoon with Taffy as my co-pilot.

We did a quick trip to Coronation to pick up some more kinesiology tape, and then a quick run out to Halkirk to drop off the daffodil boxes for the Canadian Cancer Society’s usual April campaign. I had the camera along with me, and managed to get some shots of the first ducks of the season in our area and a few of the windfarm near Halkirk. Unfortunately the ducks photo’s didn’t turn out because by the time I stopped and got the camera out they had moved to far away.

The windfarm photo’s turned out though.

The angle I got to take this picture makes it seem that the tower is right in the Village of Halkirk. April 6/2019. 1/2500 sec, f5 ISO 250.

After we got home from our adventues it was time for a workout and shower before Lynn got home and we carried on our evening at a silent auction and spaghetti supper held in town.

It feels good to have some energy again! It’s been a long few days.


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