Feeling good.

Things lately have been good, if not busy.

I had a great appointment via skype with M on Thursday, and I’ve been running around like crazy covering events in Castor for the paper. It’s been daunting to actually dig into the writing, but it is coming slowly.

Lynn is back in Saskatchewan for a few days helping her mom sort out Brenda’s house, and I am on dog duty until she gets home Thursday night. The weather has finally started warming up and the snow is starting to melt off, which is definitely a pleasant change of pace from the January and February we had. I was reading here the other day that the last time Western Canada faced such a prolonged cold snap was back in the 1930s.

Health wise, I am feeling pretty good. Thanks to some help from B I managed to get a bulletin board and mirror mounted down in my home-gym today. As well I managed to get things moved around down stairs and the space feels much more open now.

It was something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile however just never had the energy to push forward and do it. I had my hand forced a couple days ago when we discovered that while Willow had the bacterial infections going on she was peeing all over the basement on boxes and other things we had stored down stairs.

So Lynn and I went through all the damaged stuff, and I moved it out to the garage for disposal at the dump next week. Today I finished moving the boxes that weren’t affected into another store room, and everything got a mop down. I have to say, it looks great down there. I even have a cave with a couch and tv to hide in if I’m feeling anti-social.

Health-wise, My step goal on fitbit is still set to 9000, however I seem to be hitting at least 10-12k everyday. Starting Monday I’m bumping the step count to 10k, with a goal of bumping it up to 12k in another month or so. I’ve been working out everyday, and am actually really enjoying it. I’m feeling stronger, more alert, and less moody. My sleep has improved as well, and my blood-pressure is starting to drop.

I enjoy feeling this way, and it floors me that I can let myself slide to the point where I don’t do it. I know how much it helps me. I know how much better I feel when I workout, but when I am in the depths of my depression it is almost an impossibility.

For the moment I feel like I’m in a good place. I’m busy with work. I’m focusing on getting healthy. Even with the trauma that Lynn and I were dealt in February with the passing of Lynn’s baby sister, it’s by God’s good graces that I have been able to stay strong for Lynn and C. as they deal with this crushing blow.


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