After a busy evening last night, today is shaping up to be much more low key.

Last night I ended up taking photos of a local service group making donations to several local charities and non-profits, then followed up by taking photos over at the towns curling rink of a bonspiel that is going on all week.

Finally I made it back to Castor in time to help finish taking down the set from our theatre production and have a beer with the cast and crew that came out to help. Seeing the set taken down definitely added an air of finality to the year. I’m looking forward to what next years play will be.

Today I’m grabbing lunch with an old friend. Some one who has supported me a lot over the last five years, and who had my back when others were attempting to put knives into it. This afternoon I need to do a work out, to slowly work on shedding some pounds, followed by a walk with the dogs if it’s nice, and getting some computer work done.

It’s been nice having Lynn home again, and we are starting to find our rhythm in looking after the store, the dogs, and the house. The dogs are settling fine as well, though our cat has become fairly temperamental with the two extra dogs. The looks Lynn, myself, and the two new dogs get frequently are sour enough to curdle milk. Oh well, they’ll figure it out.

My mental health journey is taking another step forward today as well. I interviewed to be a speaker with the Mental Health Commission of Canada Head Strong program. The manager of the program definitely liked what I had to say, and is carrying me forth to the next steps in the process. Being able to speak on mental health advocacy is something that has been weighing on my heart for several months, and I am glad to see that the seeds planted so long ago are starting to grow. I eagerly await to see what the next steps of this journey will be.

Mentally and physically, I’m starting to rebound from the lack of sleep that occurred when I went to get Lynn from the train, and the entire crappy month of February in general, though I am still feeling it’s carry on effects. I mentioned to my doctor what M had said about possibly going into hospital again at some point as a pressure relief. She told me that what I deal with can flare unpredictably, and that I could be back next week, or I may not need to go again, and that I am in a far stronger position than when we first met back in September. I’m not sure if that reassured or not.

She is not wrong though. The fact that I pushed through the last month that I have relatively unscathed up to this point is a testament to my strength. Though cracks started showing in my foundation, it never gave way.

Nothing in life is perfect. Nothing remains at a high forever, nor do the lows. Despite some challenges in my recent past and unknowns coming in the future, I am the most at ease now than I have been my entire adult life. I meet the day wondering what hope the world has before me, not fearing it. I’m optimistic about the future.

Thanks for following along.


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