A fork in the road

Today is a day where a new normal sets in in our community.

Our beloved little coffee shop that was beside our bookstore on main street closed its doors for the final time yesterday. With the coffee groups that met there over the last few years, the meals shared, the courses hosted, Ben & Simons Pie Shoppe will be sorely missed by the community.

However, life moves on in our community. I’ve made some decisions about my future, at least for the short to mid-term. With a byelection looming in our community to replace a councillor who resigned, I was very strongly considering throwing my name onto the ballot. However, since it would preclude me from writing for the paper in the community, I have decided that the timing is not right for that particular adventure.

I enjoy being a reporter too much to want to give it up for politics. I have a trust level built up with the people in the community, and I am still learning and perfecting my craft. I feel I could make a difference in the political arena and down the road it is something I will still consider.

In the meantime I will continue to learn all I can about municipal government and hold our elected officials accountable when necessary, but just as quickly point out the positives when they arise.

This is one of many forks I’ve hit in the road of life, but one in which I feel totally at ease in the decision.

Thanks for following along.


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