The path through the darkness

The shriek of the radio tears through the night.

Another night’s sleep wrecked.

It’s time to go to work.

Another interaction with people having the worst day of their lives.

Another person gone too soon.

We are highly trained.

We are highly motivated.

We do this job so others may live.

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Yet the wreckage we see,

the broken bodies who want nothing more than to live, yet breathe their last anyway,

they come at a cost.

The cost of our humanity.

With the best of intentions we walk the path to learn our craft,

not knowing that the path we walk is one of pain anguish nobody should face.

With the best of intentions, we walk the path as healers.

We fill up everyone around us, but we empty ourselves in the process.

With the best of intentions we walk the path.

The journey is long,

facing triumph and adversity,

we lose as many as we save,

yet they still call.

They still call, because we do what we can,

and hope remains.

It is enough that we show,

It is enough that we do our job,

it’s enough for those left behind to know they are not alone.

I no longer walk the path,

I nearly became a statistic,

yet another ledger entry in the war between life and death.

Yet, I walk a new path, holding a light for others in the darkness.

I cannot guide you on this path, I know not where it leads.

I cannot give you the light for then I can not see,

I can walk beside you,

I can share the light,

we can walk down this road,

we can refill ourselves,

we can find our humanity.

We can come back from the brink.

We can have a life worth living, again.


2 responses to “The path through the darkness”

  1. That is beautifully written


    1. Thank you for your kind words Mary.


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