Getting busy and productive…

Ready or not, days off are done.

Tonight I have the first of four meetings in three days. At least I can’t complain I’m bored.

Today I spent quietly, playing RDR2. I’ve got hours into that game, and I haven’t cracked 50 per cent year. The scope of it is fantastic, and I stand by my earlier review that said it is as close to perfect as a console game can get. I definitely recommend it.

Otherwise, Lynn and I had a quick business meeting at lunch, and I ended up at the county office for a visit with my friend and mentor, L. After our visit concluded, I spent some more time on the PS4 and then spent some time in the office getting things set up for the next few days.

I’m looking forward to getting busy and being productive again. The downtime over the last few weeks has been nice, but I’ve had about enough sitting on my ass.

Mentally I’m far stronger right now than I have been in some time, and I aim to take full advantage of that fact. If I slide, when I slide, I’ll deal with it when the time comes.

Thanks for following along on my recovery journey.


One response to “Getting busy and productive…”

  1. Way to go,but don’t push it,learn to take some time for you & Lynn!👍👍😍💕


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