2019, life’s next chapter.

The chapter of life known as 2018 is now complete, and the blank pages of 2019 wait before us to be written on.

Where is this chapter in our lives going to lead us?

Will you face triumph and joy? Will you face adversity and pain?

Likely, the answer will be yes to all of the above. It’s the nature of life. Not everyday can be sunshine and happiness, the clouds and rain have to call sometime.

Dealing with the mental health and physical issues I have dealt with over the last twenty or so years I have known adversity intimately. It’s knocked me to my knees. It’s caused me to buckle. I have been pushed to the absolute limits physically and mentally.

Every time, I have regained my feet. I have stood tall, and I have fought back against the beast inside my head.

Since I left the ambulance in 2013, I have been given much in the way of supports. I have learned a tool-box full of tools to help me through the rough times. I’ve used the supports I’ve had available to me.

In 2018 I learned that despite my limitations I have much left to give.

2019 will be a year where I continue to grow and develop. In 2019 I will continue to be a voice for change in the mental health community, and the community at large.

Today is the start of 365 chances to do something this year you can be proud of. Whether learning new skills, meeting the love of your life, or just surviving the day, the year is ours to own.

Happy New Year, may it bring you peace and blessings wherever you may be. We all deserve it.


One response to “2019, life’s next chapter.”

  1. May 2019 be a year of happiness and good health for all of us!😍👍👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏💗💕❤️😘


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