Today has been a day of blessings.

We both slept in, I got some gaming in, then we went to the Lighthouse Church for a turkey dinner, with all the trimmings. It was very well done, and something that is much appreciated in the community. The church has been hosting the dinner in our community for years, and is greatly appreciated.

Our friend J came into town and joined us at the dinner with some other friends, and then came over for a visit and a movie. We watched Die Hard 2, seeing as we watched the original last night.

Unfortunately, her dog “Spooks” started throwing up, and she had to depart early, but it was not an unpleasant way to spend the afternoon regardless.

This Christmas has been a switch for Lynn and I seeing as it is the first time in several years that we have stayed home for Christmas. We normally take a drive and head to Saskatchewan for the holidays, but this year Saskatchewan is coming here. Lynn’s mom and sister are coming out here tomorrow until the new year.

This Christmas has seen me doing better mentally at this time of year than I have been in recent years. Hell, 5 years ago I was in hospital until Dec. 24 after six weeks in hospital.

Even a year ago, I was withdrawn, quiet, and sought the escape of my music and reading over spending time with others. Withdrawal is not a problem, and in fact can be seen as a mental health survival tool. It is when that tool impacts our daily living that it turns into a problem.

With the skills I have learned, the groups I have attended, and the support of amazing friends and family, I have found a confidence I have not held in years. I still withdraw, but not typically to the extent I used to.

The last year has been a year of considerable growth for me, and Christmas allows me to take stock in the blessings I have in my life. Having the wife and friends who have stuck beside me through my mental health struggles over the last year has made my journey to this point in my recovery possible. The friends who have encouraged me with my writing and photography.

I am grateful. I am blessed.

I know that challenges lay in front of me as the calendar rolls over to 2019, but I look forward to them, and know I am better equipped to handle them.

Thank you everyone for the continuing support.

Merry Christmas


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