Best laid plans…

With Lynn falling prey to a sinus cold and no one else to cover the store, my plans for the day took an unexpected turn. 

Lynn has been bucking a cold for the last few days, and with the running around yesterday, it’s finally caught up with her. It’s unfortunate, but seeing as she needs some rest before she goes for her MRI tomorrow, the store is the last place she needs to be right now. I’d rather she take a day and sleep and watch more of her cheesy holiday movies and recover, then push a bad situation. 

I’m just glad that my presence in the theatre production isn’t required until  January. Still, it’s unfortunate that I’m missing it because it is the last practice that the group will have until the new year. 

I know that a few years ago, my schedule going sideways the way it has today would have really bothered me. I’ve always been a planner and detail type person, needing to get everything nailed down before things happen. Today I feel I’m more flexible in that regard. 

The thirst for information and details hasn’t changed any though. I think that is why I have fallen into the reporting gig so well. I like doing research, and understanding what I am writing about. I like getting the information, and getting it right. 

Writing has helped me keep my brain active, and has offered me a forum to get my thoughts out. In fact I would say that the last year of writing has done more for my mental health than the last several years of therapy and skills combined. 

Still, the road is long and full of pit-falls. I am not cured by any stretch of the word. Some days are still a battle, and my vigilance remains high because I know it can come crashing down in short order. 

Thank you everyone for the support. 


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