Balance and compromise.

Today has been busy. 

I took some photos for my Pastor as he is wanting to get some Christmas cards done up, I joined him and Lynn for lunch at the Pie Shoppe, then spent the afternoon working at the bookstore. This evening I was home for a bit, then out the door for the theatre practice. 

I am enjoying being busy. It keeps me from spending too much time in my thoughts. Unfortunately time is finite, and being busy in some areas of my life has caused less focus on others. 

On the plus side, the amount of gaming I’ve done has dropped significantly, as has the amount of tv I’ve been watching this fall. 

The minus is, I haven’t been able to focus as much time on Lynn, especially now that she’s on her feet and doing her own thing again. The tv time we had was a good chunk of our time together, and I am missing it. I’m finding myself missing the routine of exercise as well. It actually does do wonders for my mental health, and being as busy as I have been I haven’t been able to make the time to even get on the treadmill. My shoulder producing a near constant ache hasn’t helped matters any. 

I know I need to find some more time to spend with Lynn. I also know I need to equally find more time to look after myself. It’s balance and compromise and work. 

It’s not easy. It’s even harder when dealing with an injury, and volatile emotions lying just under the surface. Fortunately Lynn is patient with me, and for that I feel truly blessed. Now if I can only have that same patience with myself.

Thanks for following along.


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