Challenges and Triumphs

There are barely three weeks of 2018 left. 

The last year has been full of challenges and triumphs. 

Challenges were aplenty. My psychiatrist discharged me from her practise. My emotions have continued to be erratic. Finances remain a challenge. I spent another stint in hospital just a few short months ago. Day to day life continues to challenge me. A doctor I really got along well with left the practise here to go back to Ireland. Re-injuring my bad shoulder has definitely not helped matters. 

As easy as it is to focus on the negatives, when I look, I can see some triumphs. I am almost 3 years self-harm free. I finished my weekly program in Edmonton. I have found a new passion in my writing and photography. My editor at the paper has been amazing, and under her tutelage my writing skills have continued to improve. My resilience has been tested but I have persevered through some major storms in my life. Lynn and I celebrated a decade of marriage.

It hasn’t always been easy. Just surviving some days has been exhausting, pushing me to my limits. Other days have been better, and I have been able to be just about back to normal self. Unfortunately I never know what it’s going to be like until the day arrives. 

I know 2019 is going to have trials and adversity. It will have milestones and speed bumps. It will have victories and pain. It will continue to test me and my mental health. 

With the patience and love of friends and family I know these tests will not be done alone. 


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