Winter: Take two….


It appears that winter has come crawling back.

Yesterday was cloudy, and while the wind held a bite, it was not unpleasant.  Today, the bite remains in the air, and it hasn’t stopped snowing since I woke up this morning around nine.

The weather has Lynn a bit depressed since she doesn’t feel comfortable heading outside with the crutches on ice and snow. I can’t say I blame her. My time on crutches was during the winter as well, and I remember it being a bitch to get around. She is starting to get better about moving around the house though, so I don’t feel as bad leaving the house for awhile if I need to.

We are both very thankful to our friends who are helping us cover at the store while Lynn heals. The support of our friends while dealing with this has been absolutely incredible.

Again I am humbled and awed!

This afternoon, I’m covering the bookstore, and Lynn is settling in at home to read and watch tv. I’m happy to be supportive of my wife while she is healing up, but I am also happy for the diversion out of the house. Lynn has been there for me after all of my struggles, and I am happy to be there for her.

It feels like things are leveling out for me a bit, mood-wise. I’m still finding myself carrying some anxiety in my chest and jaw, and fatigue still creeps in more easily than it should, but those things aside I’m feeling a level of calm that I haven’t held for quite some time.  Even as busy and tired as I have been, the little bit of self care I have been doing has done wonders.

I can’t let myself fall into old habits with my gaming, but having the ability to kick back and turn off my brain and emotions for awhile has done wonders. The only thing I am really kicking myself for is not making the time to get some exercise, considering I know what it does for me as far as my moods and self confidence go,  and I know how quickly working out brought my injured shoulder back to a near normal level of functionality.

That is a concern for another time, however. Today I need to focus on today. I’m working on my project for NaNo, I’m watching the store, I’m looking after my wife, and I’m looking after myself.

Life is good. Thanks for tagging along.




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