How to make my blood run cold….


Nothing will make one’s blood run cold faster than receiving a text from your wife telling you that she has had an accident and is waiting for the ambulance. Being over ninety minutes away didn’t help matters any.

While working at our bookstore today, she reached back in her chair, and the wheels kicked out from under her, causing her to go over backwards. She didn’t hit her head, but as she went backwards her right foot caught the desk with a snap. Unable to weigh-bear at all she called 911.

Unfortunately, our local ambulance was out on a call when the accident occurred, and Lynn had to wait for one from our neighbouring community 30km away to come. It was during this time that she texted me, as I was coming out of Walmart.

I was on the road home in very short order. I was worried. My mind was instantly jumping to worst case scenario. I met her at the hospital in town, and she was in the trauma room. The pain was under control, and she was still waiting on x-ray results.

The doctor came in a short time later, and said she wasn’t convinced that there was a fracture. There was a spot on the x-ray that didn’t look normal, but it wasn’t matching where the pain was. The doctor ordered Advil, and Lynn is in an airboot and on crutches for a few days, with a new set of x-rays ordered for the second week of November.

I know Lynn had to have been in pain if she was calling 911. She is a tough woman, and doesn’t call f she doesn’t have to. The entire situation got me thinking though.

This entire set of events just shows how fickle life can be. I’m happy that all she is dealing with is some soft tissue injury. The worst case scenario part of my brain can’t turn off though.

What if she had hit her head on the way down? What if it had broken a bone? what if it had broken a bone requiring surgery? How would we have been able to handle that?

No easy answers are to be had for any of those questions. We would have dealt with those scenario’s if they had occurred, and I am just thankful that none of them came to pass.

I was already close to hitting my wall, and this definitely hasn’t helped any. I do have to say though, that my editor is fantastic. I told her what had happened, and that I need a few days to help my wife out. She didn’t even bat an eye, saying to look after my wife, and that she would do the same if the roles were reversed.

As much as I hate to see my wife hurting, I am going to look at the silver lining. It gives me a few days close to home, to recharge, and to reconnect with my wife. I’m not going to look a gift-horse in the mouth.


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