Taking the win.

Tonight I had the privilege of taking photos at the local Board of Trade awards gal in a neighbouring community.

It was an awesome experience, even if I did get dressed up way more than normal.

Literally the only thing that would have helped improve the evening would have been if someone turned up the air-conditioning. Packing over 200 people into the hall, along with the cooks preparing the supper really heated the space up.

During the awards presentations,when I was moving around a bunch, I was sweating my ass off. I’m not complaining though. It was a good evening with good people.

I was sitting with the people from the newspaper I freelance for, and it was the most relaxed I have been around people in a long time. Normally being in a crowd as large as the one I was in tonight would have driven me nuts in short order, but tonight was different.

I was relaxed. Yes, I was there to do a job, but I didn’t feel like I didn’t belong. In the end, the main reason I ended up taking off instead of enjoying the dueling piano’s entertainment is I was starting to get a headache, and I had a forty minute drive to get home.

Tonight was definitely enjoyable, and I am appreciative of the opportunity to attend. Tonight shows just how far I have come in my recovery. It’s been work, but that work is starting to pay off.

I know that I still have challenges ahead in my life, but tonight I am going to take the win and let tomorrows problems sort themselves tomorrow.




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