Road trip.

Yesterday, Lynn and I hit the open road headed east to Saskatchewan.

Despite the late start we got due to Lynn waking up with a massive headache, we still made good time, and made it to the in-laws place before it got too terribly late.

The trip may have been long, but the weather cooperated, and Sirius was very well behaved for the majority of the trip. The order of French-fries we got him at our lunch-stop and were giving him periodically through the trip may have helped with that.


Along the way Lynn and I talked in a way we haven’t in quite awhile. It was nice re-connecting. It’s been too long.

Along the way, we made some memories as well.

There is a small community along the way that has a pedestrian bridge that parallels the highway, which I believe was an old train bridge. We stopped there for a leg stretch, and I pulled out the camera, and played a little bit.


Sirius was not a fan of the metal decking on the bridge, so as Lynn walked down the bridge he just looked on.

This thanksgiving weekend, I am thankful for family. I am thankful that I live in a country where we can travel freely. I’m thankful to God for our ability to make memories with each other.

Life is short, and in a world where we are ever bombarded by the negativity surrounding us, taking time to connect and be thankful of the blessings in our life is an important aspect of mental illness recovery.

Not everyday will be upbeat and bright, but the glow of the memories we create can help us see through the darkest days.

I hope everyone traveling this weekend finds safe travels.



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