A hundred small victories can eclipse one large one.


The last weeks have had their challenges, as I posted before. Tonight I had a victory though.

After a couple of sessions with a local photographer, I’m now able to take photos completely on manual mode.  The above photo is one I took tonight during the hands on component of the course.

I have to admit, learning this skill is a tremendous boost to my self confidence.

Yes, it’s a picture of a plant. It’s a small thing to accomplish. Something I have come to realize in recent months though is that small victories are just important as large ones. Hell, if you do enough small ones, they can overshadow the largest of the big ones.

Was I nervous going into the course? Hell yes. Did I put myself out there? Again, hell yes.

I know I still have lot’s left to learn about this new skill, but that’s ok. I have a hell of a base to start from now, and now I’m still going to have to hope for some lucky shots, I’ll be able to use the skills I’ve learned to try and engineer some of my own luck.

What’s the point of this post? It’s something simple.

Just because I fight mental illness everyday, doesn’t mean I am no capable. It doesn’t mean I can’t learn.

Yes, I have some more challenges in my life than most do, but they are challenges that can be overcome. I may struggle with my emotions more than some, but those struggles make me stronger.

I challenge you, whoever reads this, whoever struggles with this beast in your mind, keep fighting. Keeping learning. Keep getting stronger.

You have made it this far, the challenges have formed who you are, use your strength, and keep learning.

Comment down below and let me know what new skills you can learn while taming the beast.


One response to “A hundred small victories can eclipse one large one.”

  1. Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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