This week has flown by.

I am grateful to have a day where I can step back and slow down a bit.

Between covering events for seniors week for the paper, my weekly Edmonton journey, and helping with the Stettler Car Club Show and Shine yesterday I have been going flat out, and being able to step back a bit is good.

I used to think that taking a step back and slowing down a bit was a sign of weakness, now I recognize it as prudent course of action for my mental well being.  Even a motor cannot go at 100% indefinitely without things wearing out. The human body is no different.

Today, I am “working” a bit taking photos of the baseball tournament in town, kicking back on the PS4 with Farcry 5, and going to a friend’s for supper. All fairly light weight stuff all in all. Light weight is ok. Light weight is not a sign of weakness.

Sometimes our body and mind needs time to step back and recharge.


man lying on rubber mat near barbell inside the gym
Photo by Victor Freitas on

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