Caution: Rant ahead

I’m annoyed and appalled. I’ve been sitting on this for a few days, but I feel like I need to comment.

Earlier this week, Toronto faced the type of attack that is becoming all too common in the world we live in. The main issue though is what drove this senseless attack. It wasn’t money. It wasn’t religion.

No, this senseless attack was ultimately driven by the lack of self esteem, and some bullshit “incel” movement. Incel standing for “Involuntarily Celibate.” Yes, dear readers, this guy who couldn’t hack it in the military and dropped after only 16 days, rented a van for the sole purpose of driving it into a crowd of people because he couldn’t get laid. Facebook even confirmed when they released that a deleted post of his prior to the talk spoke of the “incel rebellion.”

Speaking as someone who has always had self esteem issues, I get it. It can feel like you are awkward and always getting the short end of things. I’ve dealt with severe depression because of it. I have struggled, with self harm and suicide. But NEVER have I considered getting a gun and going on a shooting rampage, or getting a vehicle and running down a crowd.

I don’t care what kind of self esteem or mental health issues someone is dealing with. There is a drastic difference between someone feeling suicidal, and someone knowingly equipping the tools to go for the biggest body count. There is also a difference between someone having a psychotic break, and killing someone with the tools they have at hand versus knowingly making the decision to go down and take people with you. I’d also be more forgiving of someone who has a documented mental health history versus someone who has none.

I don’t care if I come across as judgemental on this subject. The guy in question knowingly drove to rent the van. He knowingly drove the van into a group of people, killing 10, and wounding many more. Any excuses he gives are just that, excuses. What he did was cold-blooded murder, and I am glad he has been charged as such. I hope he pays the price for his actions, and I am definitely glad that the cop did not pull the trigger when given the opportunity.


Updated for clarity May 19/18pexels-photo-923681.jpeg

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