I love my car, but ugh: Repair update

I am getting annoyed that as soon as one thing seems to improve, something else screws up.

As far as my emotional and mental health issues, things are stabilizing. Definitely not perfect, but today has been way better than the last couple of weeks. On that front at least.

I got the parts I needed to get the instrument cluster repaired. A friend of mine and I did it last night. The major problem being that one of the two motors I got shipped was a dud, and now the speedo has completely failed. I’m left in the situation where, do I try for another motor, or do I try and find a new cluster. The reason that is a question is, I’m not sure that the board can handle being soldered again. As is I have had a new problem pop up. The codes indicate fuel system issues, the thing is they weren’t popping before we did the board, so now I am wondering if it didn’t like something we did, or if that is another new, but separate issue. I love the car, I love that it gets me out of the house, gives me something hands on to work on. I am just wondering how much money do I put into this thing?Even if I do fix the current issues, what’s next?

I’m definitely getting frustrated with it. I like doing the work I can on it, but I don’t have unlimited resources, and if I can’t drive it, it’s just taking up space. It is definitely a dilemma I find myself in. On Monday I start the process of figuring out what is actually going on with the dash, and then if necessary, the fuel system. It is a complete piss off though.

For the moment I am going to focus my energies elsewhere. Such as my writing group, and my articles for my local paper. I hope to get my car on the road, but if it doesn’t happen this summer, I have to be okay with that, as it is beyond my control. As much as it sucks.

I deal with enough mental health issues in my life that I can’t let the car drag me, or keep me down, when I am fighting so hard to keep my head above water as is. I know it. Believing it, and putting it into action are my challenge.


*Not my car but I love the picture!*ford-mustang-auto-vehicle-80465.jpeg

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