Fast Cars and Mental Health recovery


Winter is reaching it’s conclusion, and I for one, am grateful. This winter has been long, cold, and generally unpleasant. Add to the mix my mental health struggles in November and December, and my nagging shoulder injury due to a slip and fall on ice, I am more than ready to part ways with winter.

I find it absolutely insane to think that we are already a full week into March, and the first day of Spring is just around the corner. I can not believe how fast 2018 has flown by so far. I guess it’s true, that you experience time faster as you get older.

I am definitely looking forward to the warmer weather, as I am looking forward to pulling the Mustang out of it’s winter slumber. I am resuming my weekly Edmonton trips  on Thursday this week, and I must say, the Mustang is a much nicer ride than my Kia Rio. The Mustang also has cruise control, which is a definite bonus as well.

I’m also looking forward to Car Show season starting up. I already have a couple of show dates penciled in, but the full calendar isn’t being released for a another few weeks, although I am waiting with bated breath.

I have been asked why I like to do these car shows, especially since my car is no great shakes. It is a completely factory ride, with some blotchy paint due to me not knowing what I was doing and ending up with questionable results. I have had people tell me that the paint doesn’t look bad, but I can see it, so that’s why it stings a bit.

The reason I enjoy doing the shows is simple. It gets me out of the house. The shows are relatively cheap. I love showing off what I have done with my car, as I have done some of the body repairs myself. I love cleaning it up, and I love working on it with my own two hands. It is a type of stress release that you can not get from playing video games or exercising. It teaches patience, not rushing through all the steps just to get it done.

I also love seeing the other cars that people present. From the brand new models, to the classic rebuilds that people have spent countless hours working on, there is just something about wandering through the field of vehicles that is not describable. The community of like minded car enthusiasts is awesome as well. It is a community that I feel welcomed into, and I’m not looked down upon because my car isn’t brand new or completely flawless. Everyone I have come into contact with has definitely been supportive.

Working on the car, and attending the car shows definitely benefit me mentally, as it gets me working with my hands, out into the public in non-threatening/overwhelming environments. I still have to be wary with crowds, but being able to attend these events does give my confidence a definite boost.

What do you do that helps you in your mental health journey?



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