Sleep troubles 

Let me pose a question. How much does your sleep affect your mood? I know for myself, that sleep is a major trigger for me. Having sleep apnea doesn’t help in that department. Most effective treatment for sleep apnea is a cpap (continuous positive air pressure) machine. While I was in hospital last week, mine failed. I was able to borrow one for a few days while I was still in hospital, bu5 I have been limping along with my old machine until my new one arrives Monday or Tuesday.

And I am definitely looking forward to getting the new machine. My sleep the last few nights since I was discharged has been broken to say the least. I am feeling it. The dark thoughts are pressing in again, and the fatigue level I am fighting is unreal.

The reason I bring this up is, sleep can be a huge factor in dealing with mental health issues. Adding in an issue such as sleep apnea can make an already rough situation even worse. For yourself, and for your significant other. One of the hallmark signs of sleep apnea can be extremely loud snoring, with skipped breaths. Sleeping without feeling rested when you wake is also a very good indicator.

Keep in mind that not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, however if you do snore it is recommended that you go talk to your doctor. They can send you for testing. And it is definitely worth looking into, as getting a restful sleep can be more therapeutic than a fist full of pills.

Bottom line is, everyone’s mental health is better with rest, and I for one know when I am not sleeping well. Figured I would pass the knowledge along. You never know when it can be of help.


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  1. Sleep is so very important; you are right! I have learned that I need eight hours of good sleep to be stable. I might tolerate one night of less, or interrupted, sleep, but then I know I need to rigidly guard my sleep time and get back to routine.
    Thanks for the insight and reminder of how vital good sleep is!

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